true. is a strategic, branding and communication agency for food and beverage brands

What happens when you set up a team of branding, marketing and communication experts with a passion for food?

… you get true.

The only strategic & creative agency dedicated to food (service) clients in Belgium.

At true. we all share a passion for and a deep knowledge of the global food scene. With many years of combined experience in strategic marketing, branding, design, communication and activation, our team of dedicated foodies has all what’s needed to bring your food brand to life.

Cultivating brand cultures

While a brand is something you ‘just buy’, a brand culture is something you truly experience!
Brand cultures are lively entities that continue to evolve and need to adapt to changing consumer behavior, market trends or new innovations. In a fast changing global perspective a brand needs to be responsive and open-minded.

We never stop looking at the food scene and how your brand relates to its target audience. By building brand cultures, you have the opportunity to keep finding new ways and new channels to deliver the best brand experience for your customer.

At true. we seed, grow and cultivate your food brand, so you can continuously harvest the success of your brand culture.

Our services for food brands

Strategy / Identity / Naming / Brand Design / Brand Experience / Communications / Packaging / Brand Stories / Copywriting / Concept Development / Menu Engineering / Photography / Content Creation / Social Media Content / Video / Point Of Sales communication / And More …

Enhancing the food scene

What drives us every day is matching business goals with life quality, with richer experiences, better products and new food adventures.



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