5 true. take out favorites to get through the second lockdown

We’re living in strange and tough times to say the least. We’re all fighting hard together to beat the nasty virus, but with a second lockdown that forced all restaurants and bars to close, we sometimes miss the soothing comfort of a great meal prepared by our favorite chefs. Luckily our culinary scene is creative and versatile so just as in the first lockdown we feel blessed to find so many take away concepts popping up. We have selected our five current favorites to share with you. Enjoy a great meal at home, support your local heroes and contribute to keeping our fabulous food scene alive and kicking!


This second lockdown, unfortunately, only has few positive outcomes... If we have to name one, it is 'the return of TAPOUT. This little brother of Camino makes the most amazing burgers. The idea is that you order them online, after which you have the choice to pick them up after a nice city walk or to have them delivered. The hardest thing about it? Choosing between the beef burger and the fried chicken burger that’s why we usualy order both.

Order here or at Uber Eats.

Nijo Kitchen

What was already common in cities such as London and Paris is now also blowing over to Antwerp. Dark Kitchens are food concepts that focus 100% on delivery and therefore, don’t have a physical restaurant. A good example is Nijo Kitchen, an Asian fusion concept with balls. You'll find oriental curries, donburi and tataki on the menu. Add some quality sake to your order to make it a first-class dinner party to lift up your mood.

Order? Uber Eats.

J'enoteca by The Jane

The Jane was about to launch their newest concept J’Enoteca.
However, the latest covid update made them change the concept into ‘J’Enotecaway’ for the upcoming weeks!
Chef Nick Bril composes a tasting menu in 2 formulas while The Jane’s sommelier Gianluca Di Taranto put together three perfect (wine and beer) pairings to go with this menu. With this concept they are creating an experience at home to impress the entire family!

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The Butcher's son

The site of the De Konick brewery hosts many crafts that are worth visiting during this lockdown. Tasty meat, cheese, bread, chocolate and of course also beers are all available to be picked up. During the dark winter months, we're also craving for delicious comfort food. So drop by at The butcher's son, where they make a tasty vol au vent for takeout. This flavour bomb will give a warm fuzzy feeling to last a whole weekend long!

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Nicolas Wentein

This Belgian chef is active in the Netherlands and is building an incredibly strong style under the wings of Sergio Herman at Air Republic. During the first lockdown, Nicolas made fresh croquettes for the people in their 'kot' to enjoy. Now, he is surprising his followers with various tasty options & dishes. We already got to taste his hare stew last weekend, and it was delicious. Highly recommended & coming soon!

Coming soon. keep an eye out here

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