Covid-proof concepts that are totally out of the box!

They say that emergencies stimulate creativity. Although the past year has caused a lot of damage, we can call it anything but boring. Entrepreneurs were challenged and had to reinvent themselves. Numerous fun initiatives and ingenious ideas developed. The proof is the 'Serres Séparées' project. This concept offers people the opportunity to dine in Amsterdam in greenhouses overlooking the water. Images of the initiative went around the world and the tone to think out-of-the-box was set. Not only the greenhouses but also other initiatives surprised us. Here is a brief overview of 5 ideas that inspired us.

BBQ on the water with Boat BQ (Belgium)

A unique gastronomic experience on the “Kempische Kanaal”! With this concept you enjoy a pleasant two-hour cruise on the water in your safe bubble. You are in control of a unique electric Boat BBQ and choose which direction you sail. The idea? Sailing through a green environment and enjoying delicious food on the barbecue.

Tirol's smallest fine dining restaurant (Austria)

The Gourmet Gondola comfortably seats five in a unique setting for an unforgettable evening – whatever the season. In the summer, the Gourmet Gondola guests enjoy tasty local delicacies, while in the cold months of winter, it’s the hotspot for cosy fondue nights. Choose between meat, cheese or chocolate – or have them all! The perfect place for a private get-together with family and close friends – and for romance, of course. And the best thing about it? The view of the majestic Stubai Glacier during dinner is totally free!

Table for Two (Amsterdam)

Table for 2 is an unforgettable night out at iconic locations, provided by high-profile chefs. The first edition consisted of 5 conceptual dinners at special locations, all weekends of June with for example a 7-course Sunday dinner in the Vondelkerk. The second edition took place in August at Het Scheepvaartmuseum. At each location, there is a permanent chef who serves a surprise menu. This concerns a 4 to 7 course dinner depending on the chef and location and a drinks arrangement of beer, wine and various types of soft drinks. The initiator of this concept: The Food line-up.

Table for one by “Bord för en” (Sweden)

If dining for two is still too risky for you, “Bord för en” offered a table for one person. The concept was set in the middle of the Swedish countryside (Wermland) and opened its doors for one Swedish summer, last year from the 20th May to the 1st August. Everyone paid what they wanted, any surplus went to a cultural fund for creative mothers. Co-owner Linda Karlsson announced that it was a huge success. The food, a genuine Swedish menu, was brought to the table without any contact: from the kitchen by basket with a cable pull. What about the typical Swedish weather? The inventors invested in blankets, rain and windshield. The restaurateurs are thinking of opening up more "Bord för en' locations in other parts of the world where the temperature might just be a little milder even during the autumn. Linda came up with the idea when her parents came to visit unexpectedly and, because of Covid, placed their table set in the garden. She served them through the kitchen window. Creative gastronomy with a heart – Covid makes it possible!

A floating Cinema for Social Distancing Fun (Paris)

As some cities start to revive after Covid lockdown, they're having to come up with innovative ways to bring a sense of normality while also staying safe. In Paris, they used the Seine to keep outdoor entertainment going. Last year, on July 18 - as part of the annual Paris Plages - a floating movie theater was set up on the river at the Bassin de la Villette. Cinéma sur l’Eau (translated as cinema on water) was a free event that opened Paris' summer season. Each time six people from a bubble could sit in one of the 38 electric boats, and enjoy a movie while floating on the river. In addition, 150 deckchairs were set out on the Quai de Seine so that even more people enjoyed an evening of open-air cinema.

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