The creamiest concepts in the world of cheese.

With our Sr. Account Manager Pieter, being the passionate cheese refiner that he is, we had to let him write something about his knowledge and love for the dairy good.
We don't want to sound cheesy but let's be honest: Who doesn't love a rich platter of cheese?
Pieter wrote about 5 of the creamiest concepts in the world of cheese. Enjoy the blog post and try not to melt away...

The Cheese Bar in London

We start our journey in the heart of London’s West End. The Cheese Bar is dedicated to celebrating the best of British cheese. They started as a Cheese truck but have nowadays grown to already 4 fully cheese-focused restaurants in London.
The restaurant in Seven Dials, Pick & Cheese, is the world’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant. This place is really worth a stop when visiting London. Customers can choose between 25 varieties sourced from around the UK while sitting at this 40-meter conveyor belt. From a simple slice of cheese to a pan-fried angloumi and a four-cheese grilled sandwich. You can taste these awesome dishes combined with their range of small producer & natural wines, London craft beer, spirts and cocktails.

The Cheese Suite in London

You Gouda Brie kidding!
There is no such thing as a cheese hotel, is there? Yes, there is. The Cheese Suite in London's Camden is an 'homage to fromage'. The suite is decorated with themed wallpaper, bedding, heaps of artwork, themed boardgames and even cheese soap. This place is briellant for the cheese nerds among us.

Fromagerie Abraham Kef in Amsterdam

Fromagerie Abraham Kef on Marnixstraat has been a legendary name in Amsterdam for years. For quality cheeses, this is the place to be. The staff is extremely friendly & helpful and knows exactly which cheese suits the dinner dish you have in mind. You can buy delicious cheeses in their cosy store, but even more fun to do are the tastings on Sundays. Delicious cheeses combined with good wine and funny stories: a great activity for the weekend, am I right?

Saint Octave in Belgium

Let’s stay in Belgium for number four. Saint Octave is the cheese and charcuterie shop founded by Octave Laloux. The first shop opened its doors in Les Marolles. Today, you have three store options to visit in Brussels. Next to a wide range of hand crafted cheese, they also offer a lot fresh deli cuts. Octave started his career in the world of cinema & marketing, whereafter he decided to follow into the steps of his grandpa & great-grandpa. He travelled all over in France to meet the producers and to get to know their story, their life, their animals and their products. Which is really crucial for Saint Octave.
What started as “the cheese committee” during high school has become a really successful concept in the Belgian cheese world. It's a place highly recommended when strolling down the streets of Brussels.

Paxton & Whitfield in London.

Back to London for this one: Paxton & Whitfield.
“A gentleman only buys his cheese at Paxton & Whitfield", said Winston Churchill. Since 1797, these connoisseurs have catered to the elite with their cheeses—and their cheese cakes. In 1742, they even set up a market stall. That’s 278 years of cheese mongering experience. Unbrielievable!

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