Atelier du Jardin
A carefully crafted brand for expertly prepared vegetable pâtés.

With Atelier Du Jardin, true developed an innovative brand for ‘Paté Creator’
De Beauvoorder’.

To accommodate to changing consumer demands and a growing trend of more plant-based food consumption,
De Beauvoorder decided to develop a plant-based assortment of vegetable paté’s.

These rich and varied paté’s are a welcome variation for any paté lover and strongly contribute to a balanced lifestyle, while maintaining all the pleasures of a tasty meal.
Taste them on a sandwich, as an appetizer, in a salad, ...

True started with a brand positioning and naming trajectory and continued with prototyping the brand for consumer surveys.

The outcome of this consumer testing was very positive from the start and the results pushed the development of this new brand forward.

Today this new product range can be found in select outlets. Earlier in 2020,
Atelier du Jardin won a ‘Gouden Tavola’.

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