Bap and dak
A new Brussels hotspot.

Bap and Dak brings Korean comfort food to the lively Flagey neighborhood.

Inspired by his many travels to Korea, the owner of Bap and Dak asked true. to develop a concept for Korean Comfort Food in Brussels. true. and real. developed an overall concept starting from the brand development to delivering the interior design of this new Brussels hotspot.

With Korean classics like Bibimbap and Korean Fried Chicken, in combination with a carefully selected range of (local) craft beers, you are in for an authentic Korean food experience in a laid-back urban setting.

Naming the brand

The name literally meaning “Rice” (bap) and “chicken” (dak), reflects the two Korean classic hero dishes that are being served here the Bibimbap and the Korean Fried Chicken.
Furthermore, Bap is an indispensable component of Korean cuisine as the center of every Korean meal. For this reason, this dietary staple is the main source of energy for Koreans, who are said to “live through bap’s energy.”

Brand strategy

To start we developed a brand strategy tailored to the owner’s vision and ambition.
By defining the brand DNA and brand story the base for the visual identity is set, ensuring a consistent output across all executions, from brand identity to interior design or photography to food experience.

A visual identity where East meets West

East meets west in the geometry of the typography and logo. The striking red color ads warmth and liveliness to the brand, while the nonchalant but very tasty photography reflects the food experience at Bap and Dak.

Next to designing the complete visual identity, true also delivered a no nonsense website, while real. designed a stylish and laid back interior with some striking details.

Finetuning the menu

To accommodate the owner’s ambition to bring authentic bibimbap and Korean Fried Chicken to the streets of Brussels, true. helped to develop an exciting and balanced menu. Next to perfecting the hero dishes, a compact set of side dishes and desserts have been chosen to complete this genuine Korean comfort food experience.

The new kid in town has been noticed

Bap and Dak launched in the challenging year 2020, but nevertheless managed to establish a new vibrant hotspot in Brussels. Already loved by many, we are eager to see how this new Korean comfort food staple will evolve and win even more hearts in the coming years.

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