BelOrta & true, harvest a
well-loved brand together

Growing a market fresh brand

true. developed the consumer brand of fruit & vegetable producer BelOrta and rolled out a 3-year campaign that consisted of various components, ranging from POS communication to a series of TV spots. This has resulted in fast-growing brand awareness over the past years.

BelOrta is Europe’s largest cooperative auction for fruit and vegetables and has been a B2B stronghold for many years. In a fast-changing world, the need to connect with the end customer became imminent to secure brand growth. No wonder that they chose true. to develop and launch their consumer brand, as cooperation is also key in our approach.

Due to the specific cooperative company structure, we aimed at securing maximum support of all different stakeholders. With a step-by-step approach and intermediate validation by all key players, we managed to establish a solid base for the brand to be launched. We specifically developed a brand language and visual identity that’s easy-going, understandable and deployable to wide range of specific products. To successfully launch the new consumer brand, we developed a 3-year strategy and creative campaign with clearly mapped out targets.

Fruit & vegetables are fun

The obvious way to go would have been to emphasize the healthiness of the products, as well as their local origins. However, nowadays brands need much more than mere product-centric stories. That’s why we turned the fun and taste of fresh fruit and vegetables into the main storylines of BelOrta Fruit & Vegetables. Something you notice at once when you see the various communication tools we are developing for the B2C brand. A refreshing layout and eye-catching photography result in new packaging that gives you real appetite.

Growing visibility

In the meantime, our efforts for BelOrta Fruit & Vegetables have generated considerable - and measurable - results. Whereas the brand recognition was virtually non-existing in 2015, it has been growing continuously ever since the consumer brand was launched. After the first year, the 3-year benchmark for brand awareness had been reached and proves that a complete cross-channel awareness campaign works. Even more so for a brand with a minimum of brand visibility, due to its specific nature and placement in a low-branded retail space (fruit and vegetables).

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