Bodhi's Ice
A tastier ice, without the cream

For Bodhi’s Ice Cream, true. food agency developed a new brand concept for a deliciously healthier range of vegan Ice cream, without the cream that is.

A new brand for a whole new product

Bodhi Goolaerts approached true to develop a brand for his range of high-quality gourmet vegan ice cream. A product he’s been working on passionately for many years now, and that was first introduced in a selection of quality restaurants, is now ready to become a consumer brand.

Working with 100% natural flavors, Bodhi’s Ice Cream is a plant based rich and creamy Ice that will tickle your senses. The production is sustainable, local and on a small scale. Add to that the fact that the cups are 100% biodegradable, and you know that BODHI'S ICE CREAM is not only delicious, but also good for you and for our planet.

Strategy first

We started with a Brand strategy tailored to this product’s specific potential. In contrast to a lot of vegan products, we did not target the health-conscious consumer or die hard vegan, but everyone who loves a tasty Ice cream (who doesn’t?). Continuing from the brand DNA, we visualized the brand name in a unique way. Both emphasizing the familiarity with traditional dairy based ice cream, and the big difference of this innovative brand.

Who needs cream?

The name and logo honors the brand’s founder and boldly claims its unique qualities. By striking out the Cream in the logo, we emphasize the creamy sensation and taste that will please all ice cream lovers. It’s still Ice Cream, but without the cream.

True. developed a brand strategy, solid visual identity, packaging design and limited set of communication tools to support the launch of this mouthwatering brand.

Bodhi’s Ice Cream was successfully launched in 2020 and will continue to win over the hearts and tastebuds of all ice cream fans.

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