The Belgian Chocolate Experience: Chocolate Nation & Octave

A visual identity that makes them all melt

true. food agency designed the logo and visual style of both Chocolate Nation, the largest Belgian chocolate museum in the world, and Octave, the museum’s restaurant. Next to this, real. space agency conceived the interior of Octave as well.

Belgian Chocolate, a savoury experience

The story of Chocolate Nation started when two passionate entrepreneurs decided to create a museum dedicated solely to Belgian chocolate. In fact, they thought it strange that no one else thought of it first: surely, such a world-famous product deserves to be put on a pedestal. Of course, a museum like that would need a logo and visual style that reflects the exquisite experience offered by Belgian chocolate. This is where true. food agency, with its ample expertise, stepped in. And while we were at it, we were also asked to conceive the visual identity for Octave, the museum’s restaurant.

For both Chocolate Nation and Octave, we developed a visual style worthy of Belgian chocolate’s refinement. Chocolate Nation’s logo captures the various emotions that chocolate may bring about – ranging from a sense of wonder to a state of delight or even ecstasy. Not only did true. food agency deliver this visual component: we also provided Chocolate Nation with tailored advice on various graphical matters during the development of the museum.

Chocolate Nation’s visual identity was applied to various tools, aimed at both businesses and visitors. We created a presentation book that highlighted the museum’s B2B offer. We also designed a key visual for the launch campaign, which was applied to advertisements, tram stop billboards, newsletters and a promotional flyer.


Octave’s logo is closely related to the one of Chocolate Nation, with the playful twist in the ‘O’ visually suggesting the number eight. Moreover, the playful shapes highlight that chocolate is a product one will truly melt for. The visual identity was applied to several types of packaging, as well as restaurant communication tools - such as menu cards and POS materials. Moreover, we also advised on Octave’s menu offer itself.

Next to the logo and visual style of Chocolate Nation and Octave, we were also involved in another type of design that would make visitors melt: the one of Octave’s interior. real. space agency, our interior design branch, contributed to its creation. Overall, the interior concept features botanical and industrial elements, as a reference to both the tropical origins of cocoa, as well as Antwerp’s harbour activities in the Belle Epoque era. This combination results in a unique restaurant space, which makes a visit even more special.

Everyone loves chocolate

In its first year, the museum already welcomed thousands of visitors, with many more to come in future years. It received positive reviews on TripAdvisor, with 82% of visitors rating it as ‘excellent’. Both Chocolate Nation’s logo and visual identity certainly contributed to the attractive image its founders desired from the very start. Moreover, Octave received equally positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Visitors could clearly appreciate the restaurant’s overall style, interior and menu offer.

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