Yes, we baked yet another tasty brand

Meet Crumbel, baker of delicious Belgian biscuits

Belgian biscuit producer Sucake knocked on true. food agency’s door for the development of its new branding. An inspired name, visual style, website and many other freshly baked communication tools came out of the oven.

If you want your brand to truly stand out, well, then you need the help of truly experienced professionals. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. It’s no wonder then that Ostend-based biscuit producer Sucake asked true. food agency to develop its new brand. Although it was mainly intended to serve as a corporate brand towards B2B clients and partners, it could also serve as a brand name for products directly launched under the company’s own name.

When biscuits start modelling

As Crumbel’s tasty biscuits deserve to be in the spotlight, we organised a shooting that would do them justice. This way, the company’s tempting hero products – fresh biscuits, dry biscuits, waffles and cakes - were portrayed in a new and attractive light. The new pictures came in handy for the new corporate website, which we also developed. It strengthens Crumbel’s online presence, while giving visitors a perfect overview of its broad assortments.

Taking great brands out of our oven

Furthermore, we also designed and produced a whole range of communication tools – from business cards and leaflets to various templates for Word documents, PowerPoint slides, invoicing and more. Topping it all off, Crumbel’s managing director Edouard Hanssens adds:
“We are very satisfied about the collaboration and its result. At Crumbel, we always aim for the highest quality when it comes to our biscuits, and it’s clear that true. food agency does the same for its branding projects.”

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