A true. story of craftsmanship and authenticity

How we created a stylish brand culture for fine food lovers

true. food agency developed a new visual universe for
De Beauvoorder, reflecting the unique craftsmanship
of the well-loved paté brand.
It evokes the authentic spirit of founder René Paté.

For decades, De Beauvoorder has been a renowned paté brand among numerous B2B clients and consumers. It’s a name that represents a pure and artisanal experience, the continuation of a rich tradition that was started by founder René Theunissen - nicknamed René Paté - in the thirties of last century. To make sure that this tradition would be valued by future target groups, brand owner Tradelio asked true. to reinvigorate the De Beauvoorder brand, both content-wise and graphically.

It’s all about making René Paté proud

Having worked for De Beauvoorder for many years, we already had broad knowledge about what the brand represented. Furthermore, we mapped the brand identity through market research, concept testing and writing the brand story. This identity was then translated to a new visual universe, with a makeover for the logo and an elaborated brand style. As a final step, the refreshed brand was applied to various tools – with a product portfolio book as an eye-catching flagship.

Overall, we managed to develop a brand culture which stylishly emphasizes the strengths of De Beauvoorder: authenticity, craftsmanship and freshness. Throughout time, the makeover has been appreciated and praised by many - something that certainly would have made René Paté proud.

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