Unique beers at a unique location near Ghent

Taking the next step together for Ghent based brewery Haeseveldt.

Many people from Ghent know Haeseveld as a unique spot at the borders of the city.
A place where the city slowly transforms in a more rural environment, to offer its visitors a relaxing escape from the city. At this unique location a local craft beer has been brewed for many years, but up till now, this has mostly been a well-kept secret for the visitors.

Today the owners decided to take the next step and create an ambitious beer brand, ready to conquer the hearts and tastebuds of beer lovers all over the world.
As a first step they approached true. to develop this new and exciting Belgian beer brand.

When it's good, keep it

We were challenged to evaluate the naming of the beer first. A trajectory we started with defining the brand dna and positioning. After much research and exploration, we strongly believed in the tradition and heritage of this unique location and its meaningfulness for all visitors in the past.

With a strategic trajectory in combination with a visual exploration we convinced the owners of the value of the name “Haeseveld”.

A mythical hare

After deciding on the name, we transformed the early visual exploration into a fully functional brand. Delivering all brand assets, from beer labels, POS materials to a comprehensive brand guide.

The brand mark of the logo depicts two hares with antlers. Allegedly, this mythical animal has been spotted in the fields surrounding the brewery. We can’t confirm this story, but we do know that it provides great storytelling during the consumption of these unique beers.

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