Baking a new brand culture for La Lorraine

For over 75 years, La Lorraine has been showing a strong passion for baking delicious bread and pastry. At true. food agency, we were equally passionate about optimizing the B2B and B2C communication of this renowned bakery group.
We developed a visual style consisting of unique signs, which expressed La Lorraine’s genuine baking passion. These signs refer to the markings that are manually applied to bread and pastry. We also took care of the accompanying photography, which strengthened the overall experience.

As a next step, we created La Lorraine’s corporate brand book, which meticulously described the do’s and don’ts of the new brand style. Furthermore, we applied the new visual language to various tools – including bread bags and packaging. The brand style also defined La Lorraine’s new B2C and B2B websites, for which we developed the content.

A tasty and attractive brand culture coming out of the oven.

Our efforts resulted in a fresh and tasteful visual identity with a close link between the B2B and B2C brands.

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