Daring ideas for dairy brands

Creating well-loved concepts for the Lactalis group

Lactalis is a multinational dairy products group, home of strong names like Galbani, Président, Société and many more. For Lactalis’ various brands, true. food agency developed concepts like Bistrology, Classic Casuals and Passione per la Qualità.

Now that’s what we call Passione per la Qualità

Countless Italian restaurants are also considered to be real Galbani ambassadors, thus earning themselves the quality mark ‘Passione per la Qualità’. To support them, true. food agency created www.pizzeriagalbani.be: a platform that puts all those authentic Italian quality restaurants in the spotlight. Not only did we conceive concepts like ‘Bistrology’, ‘Caprese Originale’ and ‘Passione per la Qualità’: we also translated them to attractive communication tools and B2B sales instruments.

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