Otomat, heavenly pizza and glorious beer

Collaborating on a remarkable food service concept

true. food agency developed the brand culture of Otomat Heavenly Pizza, from the visual identity to rolling out all communication tools. Together with real. space agency, who designed and rolled out the interior of all Otomat restaurants, true. food agency keeps contributing to the continuously evolving brand culture that’s at the heart of the growing success of this remarkable fast casual food service concept.

A truly unique Belgian pizza concept

Otomat Heavenly Pizza is all about sharing happy moments. Its unmatched pizzas are made with surprising ingredients, red or white toppings (Otomat or Notomat) and a pizza crust based on Duvel yeast. Add an ample beer selection, a most friendly staff and an original interior to the equation, and you get a Belgian pizza concept that’s truly unique.

true. food agency has been a partner in the creation of this fast-casual game changer from day one: together with other food-loving entrepreneurs, true. partners Robin Manso and David Claeys developed the Otomat concept and remain closely involved today.

Building the Otomat brand culture

Working closely together with the entrepreneurs behind Otomat, true. food agency was able the develop the Otomat brand culture right from the start. The opportunity of a collaborative approach right from the early stages to the final delivery, highly contributed to the realisation of such a unique and loved concept in the Belgian horeca landscape.
true. food agency – together with real. space agency – has the experience, network and passion to turn a great vision into reality.

Topping of a remarkable food service concept

In line with the envisioned philosophy for the Heavenly Pizza restaurant, true. food agency developed the complete look & feel of Otomat, from its logo to its overall visual identity. This visual style has been applied to various tools: from pizza boxes to menu cards, billboards and coasters, from neon light messages to social media posts, flyers, advertisements and so much more.

More than often, these tools are vessels for the positive, inspiring or even funny messages that Otomat wants to get across. A good example of this approach is Otomat’s recruitment campaign, which makes use of teasing messages on pizza boxes, urging candidates to drop their application forms in the restaurant’s application box (which conspicuously resembles an Otomat pizza box).

Just as its full name Otomat Heavenly Pizza suggests, the aim was to offer a heavenly hotspot where pizzas and beer would bring people round the table to share happy moments together. More than just another pizza place, this would become a lively community of pizza lovers, eager to share different Otomat or Notomat pizzas, while enjoying original beers and lemonades.

Throughout the years, Otomat Heavenly Pizza welcomed an ever-increasing number of enthusiastic visitors, who more than often posted positive reviews online. It’s clear that more and more people have come to love this truly original pizza concept.

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