Sticks ‘N Bowls
Surfing on a delightful identity with a Pacific vibe

Born in the pacific, served in Antwerp

true. food agency updated the concept and developed the visual identity for Sticks ‘N Bowls, a new fast casual foodservice concept based on Pacific-inspired dishes. This identity was applied in various tools, and complemented by real. space agency’s interior design.

More than just a bowl

It all started with an enthusiastic entrepreneur who already owned a poké restaurant, but needed a more differentiating concept, which could be turned into a sustainable horeca enterprise. His dishes would be prepared with fresh and local ingredients, and served in a bowl – hence the name ‘Sticks ‘N Bowls’.

With that and some more information to go on, we were asked to bring his concept to life. From the start, it was our ambition to think broader than the ongoing poké trend and create a fast casual concept that could remain successful on the long term.

Inspired by the natural and cultural richness and diversity of the Pacific, we developed a visual style filled with colours, ethnic patterns and organic shapes. This way, the countries and isles in and round the Pacific do not only influence the tastes of the bowls, but also the graphical style of Sticks ‘n Bowls. This visual exercise was preceded by a strategic start-up trajectory, in which we defined the brand identity of Sticks ‘N Bowls – which helped to steer the graphical work in the desired direction.

The Pacific-inspired visual style was subsequently applied in various tools, such as menu cards, packaging, carrier bags and – most appropriate for this type of restaurant - chopsticks with ‘instagrammable’ qualities. Furthermore, we also defined the photographic style, which is essential to differentiate the concept and make it highly recognizable among target groups. As the preferred branding agency of Sticks ‘N Bowls, true. food agency will also manage their future communication initiatives, such as social media actions and offline activation campaigns, which will surely boost the restaurant’s popularity.

A matching interior

The interior that real. space agency conceived for Sticks ‘n Bowls Antwerp was equally inspired by the Pacific and has been developed in close collaboration with true. food agency. It seems to follow nature’s rhythm with natural base colours, rough finishes, organic shapes and warm materials.

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