Trends 2024

1. Fast Casual Boom in the Sandwich range

Fast casual dining is experiencing a significant surge in popularity, with a particular emphasis on small sandwich cafes leading the trend. A prime illustration of this movement can be found all over Europe. One of them is a cozy and quick-service spot CHUN is located in Amsterdam.

Customers are increasingly seeking high-quality, on-the-go meals that balance speed and taste, making these establishments a go-to choice for those with busy lifestyles. This trend reflects a shift towards convenience without compromising culinary excellence, with a focus on diverse and creative sandwich options that cater to evolving consumer preferences.

2. Trend in Sustainability: Packaging Innovations

In response to the growing demand for sustainable packaging, we want to show the SOFi Hot Cup, a revolutionary 100% plastic-free, biodegradable cup for hot beverages. Unlike traditional paper cups, it elimmonitorehe need for a separate plastic lid, reducing waste and offering cost savings to businesses.

The cup's innovative design features three flaps forming a spill-proof spout, ensuring unmatched spill protection. With a proprietary water-based coating, the SOFi Hot Cup provides a solution to the common issue of soggy sips. In a market flooded with cups that are challenging to recycle or compost, SOFi's commitment to true biodegradability (within 180 days) marks a significant step toward a more sustainable future.

It’s just one of the many examples the market is working on today. For us this evolution is something we monitore very intensive as we implement sustainable solutions in our projects.

3. TikTok's Culinary Influence

TikTok's influence on food trends is becoming increasingly influential, with the platform shaping culinary experiences both online and offline. The viral nature of TikTok challenges conventional marketing strategies, as food trends born on the app have a tangible impact on real-world dining. From viral recipes to visually enticing food creations, TikTok is inspiring chefs and home cooks alike.

As diners seek out dishes they've discovered on the platform, restaurants are adapting their menus to reflect these popular trends, marking a new era in social media and the culinary scene. One of such examples is butter boards that were hyping a lot in tiktok, where after then chefs started to implement it in their restaurants.

4. Unique restaurant concepts for Urban Hotels

In the hotel sector, a trend is the strategic development of restaurants and rooftop bars as distinct & separate brands, aiming to captivate not only tourists and hotel guests but also the local community. Hotels are increasingly recognizing the importance of transforming their dining spaces into standalone destinations with unique identities.

This approach goes beyond serving guests; it seeks to engage and build relationships with the local community. A prime example of this trend is evident in the Hoxton hotel chain, where each property emphasizes creating vibrant, community-centric dining experiences. By establishing these separate brands, hotels are fostering a sense of belonging and becoming integral parts of the local social fabric, catering to a broader audience, and enriching the overall hospitality experience.

5. Cross-brand collaborations true. food

A notable food trend involves cross-brand collaborations between different industries and the food sector. Examples like Crocs partnering with KFC or Soho House collaborating with Porsche showcase a growing phenomenon. Brands are increasingly seeking collaborations with the food industry to amplify the "love mark" effect, transforming themselves into more lifestyle-oriented entities.

By merging their distinct identities, brands aim to create unique, limited-edition products or experiences that resonate with consumers, fostering a sense of exclusivity and cultural relevance. These collaborations not only generate buzz but also position brands at the intersection of culinary innovation and lifestyle, adding an extra layer of appeal to their overall identity.

What’s a Rich Text element?

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